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SCT College of Education, affiliated to Bengaluru North University, Karnataka, is one of the leading educational institutions of the state endeavouring to provide excellent education and over all grooming to aspiring teachers. In SCT College of Education, besides a thorough training and instruction on the scholastic and co-scholastic curriculum by the efficient faculty members, meticulous effort is also made to hone the required skills in the students to create well-groomed teachers  who are  equipped with latest teaching skills to adjust to a world that is rapidly advancing both academically and technologically. Our focus is to create world class teachers by providing students with a supportive environment, inculcating and imbibing a sense of professionalism and giving them opportunity to become responsible citizens and compassionate teachers.

Our Mission

Realising the importance of human resources as the prime factor of concern that needs to be directed for the welfare of whole humanity by identifying the talents among the lower strata of society, just like digging out precious gems immersed in the dirt and enable one who is desirous, empower one who is able, by bridging the gap between inherent capabilities and skills demanded through required technical education and training that would fulfill time to time the appetite of establishments for genuine talents. All these efforts should contribute in creating a just world which comprises countries and eventually is constituted by communities with diverse cultures, languages and religions.

Our Vision

To present an empowered nation comprising of a highly skilled future generation, who will contribute to shape a progressive community with compassion for the fellow beings and the environment, which would make world a better place. This is possible only when inherent human creativity is harnessed by inducing skills and knowledge of relevant technologies and instilling good hearts filled with the compassion for poor, deprived and needy, than equality will prevail in the world.

Our Values

Human life is gifted with power to think, free will to act and precious virtues. Any individual will face the challenge to retain and enhance the gift of virtues, which is most valuable and is likely to be lost as we grow. Power to think and free will to act if applied without realizing the truth; it would destroy the virtues and make life a burden. Young minds must be provided with value added education and skills in order to make their life virtuous. One can create wealth of happiness, satisfaction and growth by adhering to the values like Truth, Courage, Fearlessness, Humanism, Dedication to duty, Universality, etc.

President's Message

Shanthi Charitable Trust (R) has been rendering yeomen service in the field of eduction since 1999.

The Mission of the trust is to provide quality education through the best value based education system. the trust has established various over the years for fulfilling this mission as well as the educational needs of the global community

SCT College of Education for Teachers is one of the milestones attained by the Trust. It was Established in the year 2004 with the objective of providing quality teacher education for teacher trainess. It is affiliated to Bangalore University, recognized by Govt. of Karnataka & approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), New Delhi. It offers Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed) as a regular course.

I Would like to congratulate you, for having taken the decision to pursue a teacher training course at SCT College of Education. We Assure you that you will have a fruitful and memorable association with our college.

Principal's Message

Teaching is the noble profession. Dedication, Devotion, Determination to the cause of educational & commitment to teaching are the essential qualities of a good teacher.

Students are like raw stones, it is in the hands of a teacher to polish the same in to an idol of worship or just a stepping stone. Such proficient teachers can be produced only by institutions that have a vision for the development of the society through right education. In this background, SCT College of Education was launched with a focus to provide the right education to the right students by the right teachers in a serene atmosphere of SCT Campus.

If You Have the will to learn, we have the skill and right environment to fulfil your dream.

Producing competent teachers of calibre, commitment and dedication to educate young children of this country for socio-economic growth, scientific advancement and value based life.